Gravensteen Haunted Productions

Gravensteen Haunted Productions' Legends of Halloween is ranked the scariest and best Haunted Attraction in the DMV

Sponsored by US Army MWR

THIS IS LOCATED ON THE MILITARY BASE.  This event is open to the Public but there are a few important tips to help plan your visit:

  • To get onto Fort Belvoir, Non DoD and/or Military ID card holders must go through the Visitor Gate (Tulley Gate) located at 9500 Pohick Rd, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060.
  • All adults MUST have a valid US Government / State issued photo ID.  No exceptions.
  • If you have one Military ID card holder in your group, you can go through the DoD ID Card holder’s lane (which is much quicker).  If you can, have a DoD ID Card holder in your car and getting through the gate is much quicker.
  • Note:  The Military Police will prevent anyone from entering the Installation who has any drugs or drug paraphernalia in their vehicle, or anyone with any past felony convictions.
  • Non-US citizen visitors cannot access Fort Belvoir unless they are accompanied by a member of their group who is Active Duty Military.