Gravensteen Haunted Productions

The Curse: 1932

A house built on the grounds of Frau Mueller's former home was the scene of yet another unimaginable tragedy. On Halloween night 1933, five young trick or treaters were lured into the home of Ben and Judy Kramer who had been a friendly, trusted couple within their community.  They were coaxed with candy and led into a basement room. The room was adorned with all manner of children’s' dolls and toys.

After a search for the missing children, authorities discovered what many considered the most disturbing crime scene in DC history.  The bodies of the five missing children had been dressed as dolls, and arranged as if part of a macabre doll house.            

The bodies of Ben and Judy were found on the same evening, having killed themselves after commiting their crime. Possibly more disturbing than the crime itself, however, was the message left behind by the couple. Crudely written on the wall in blood was: “We did what she told us". Their home was demolished, with no one interested in residing there after the events that occured.

The Curse 1933