Gravensteen Haunted Productions

The Curse: 1954

Twenty years after the events at the Kramer house, the vacant land which at one time was home to so much death and tragedy was now being occupied by a traveling circus. Unaware of the incidents that had befallen the town, the show promoter took advantage of an "unusually small" fee to procure the space for his event. The townspeople were initially reluctant to attend, having knowledge of what happened on the grounds years before. There was also a growing awareness of the local legend known as "The Curse of Frau Mueller". Regardless, the show went off without a hitch its entire weeklong run, and enjoyed healthy attendance. The shadow of the past seemed to dwindle under the bright lights of the big top, and there was increasing optimism that the event would help put the nightmares of the past behind. That was, until the final night of performances...Halloween night.

It was reported by attendees that the clown performers were behaving more strangely than usual on this particular evening. Some patrons claimed that they were displaying intoxicated or impaired behavior, and performed recklessly throughout the show. The next morning, witnesses happened upon a shocking scene, as every circus performer in the troupe was found dead except the clowns...who were never found. The case that local newspapers came to call ‘The Halloween Circus Massacre’ remains unsolved to this day, and the city never granted another permit for any event to take place on the land. It wasn't until the following year that a large warehouse was built there.

The Curse 1953