Gravensteen Haunted Productions

The Curse: 1973

By the fall of 1973,  it had become clear to most residents that the “Curse of Frau Mueller” was not limited to one plot of land. Indeed, it had spread throughtout the entire neighborhood like a sickness...a virus that could not be cured.  A rash of disappearances over the years had many blaming the mysterious old woman who had herself vanished decades before.  A young family living a few blocks from the vacant property discovered first hand that no one who lived nearby was safe from Frau Mueller’s reach.

The annual Halloween party hosted by Joann and Kenneth Alderman was underway.  The Alderman's friends and neighbors, Brenda and Tod Petersen, also joined in on the festive evening of pumpkin carving and scary movies. The Aldermans were one of several families in the neighborhood who were influenced by past events to keep their children safe at home during the holiday, though there were still plenty of trick or treaters to cater to. Late in the evening, a final group of costumed children rang the Alderman's doorbell.  To their shock and horror, a blood-soaked Brenda Peterson answered the door, falling dead at their feet. Police who arrived at the scene described a gruesome display of decapitated heads set amongst carved jack o lanterns.  Kenneth sat in a chair at the table, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Scrawled on the wall next to him in his family's blood were the words: "She made me do it". Some investigators assumed that “she” referred to Joann Alderman, but there were those who knew better.  The house remained vacant and on the market until 1993, when it was purchased by another unsuspecting family.

The Curse 1973