Gravensteen Haunted Productions

The Curse: 1991

Twenty years after the Alderman family tragedy, another horrific event occurred in a neighboring home.  Judith, the only surviving member of the ill-fated Prescott family, witnessed a ghastly scene on the morning of November 1st, 1993.  As she returned home from a night of Halloween partying, she saw two fire trucks and a host of other emergency vehicles clustered in front of the charred remains of her family's home. Her parents, Cindy and Everett Prescott, along with her younger brother Matthew and older sister Samantha, were killed in a massive blaze that started no more than two hours before she arrived home. No direct cause was ever established. Investigators did discover what appeared to be a large burn pattern on Samantha’s bed that resembled the shape of a human body. While spontaneous human combustion has never been scientifically proven to have occurred in any suspected case, no faulty wiring was found, nor did police recover any evidence of foul play. While the case remains unsolved, there are those who know  what was truly to blame.

The Curse 1993