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The Curse of Frau Mueller

A Dark History

Frau Helga Mueller immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1893 at the age of 45, finding work as a house maid for a wealthy landowner. A quiet and unassuming woman, she lived in a modest home and would often entertain the local children who visited her to hear stories of magic and fancy.

In the summer of 1913, area children began to disappear. As more children turned up missing, the search and investigation escalated. On October 31st, six children vanished after leaving their homes to go trick or treating. Authorities eventually found themselves at the doorstep of Frau Mueller. Upon searching the property, they found the bodies of every child that had gone missing in the previous six months. Investigators also discovered implements and random paraphernalia associated with witchcraft, but the one thing that wasn't found was Frau herself. She had vanished completely, leaving only a message scrawled on the wall in blood which read:

“Ich Komme Zuruck" or "I will return".

Shortly after the gruesome discovery, the home of Frau Mueller was burned to the ground. It is said that the land where the house once stood is a cursed place, and under the influence of supernatural evil. A small cemetary located on the same plot of land was relocated at the behest of the families who did not want their deceased to rest there.  All that remained near her former home was a cornfield. Local residents claimed that everything which grew there soon died and never came back. All that could be seen were the remains of the scarecrows that guarded the fields.  Little did anyone suspect that these incidents would be only the beginning of a dark, twisted legacy.

The Curse of Frau Mueller